Sunday, March 10, 2019

Got Er Done

It's all back together again! 
I still have to reattach the awning but that will have to wait.

It's Getting There

 I noticed the bar that supports the roof was off center.
So I loosened the brackets and pushed it over.
I replaced the washers with an aluminum bar for added strength. 

I was able to add two more coats of paint, thanks to Speedokote.
They sent me four more quarts at no charge to fix the pinhole problem.
 Installed the new board the supports the crank and spare tire bracket.
Put a patch over the rotten wood and replaced a small section of floor.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Rear end repairs

 Fix the cracks that caused most of the water damage.

 You can see where one of the cracks was repaired from the outside.
JB Weld to seal the cracks.
I used FiberFix Rigid Patch to give these areas more strength.

I have more room now.

 My neighbor was having some trees removed to make room for their new 5th wheel
as seen on the left side of this picture. I asked him to send them my way.
I purchased my camper from them.
 I needed two small trees removed so I could park the
pop up straight back and erect an awning over it.

 Lots of firewood.

Painting Day!

 I was able to put three coats on with the eight quarts of paint.
These little pinholes kept popping up. I called Speedkote, the paint's manufacturer.
I was told the paint was gassing and that probably caused it to happen.
They are sending my four more quarts at no charge to fix it. :-)

Smoothing out the bumps

 Dawning my PPE 

 Using the body filler to cover up foam that the fiberglass did not cover.

Reconstruction Time

Now that I'm done removing the old ABS cover, it's time to prep the top for a new topcoat. 

Got a good deal on this body filler.

I'm using fiberglass to reinforce the areas around the brackets used to hold the top down.